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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

A Ph.D Thesis by Nithyanandam.K
Thesis Title : Impact of Information Technology on Library personnel: An analytical study of university and engineering college libraries in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. (1996)
Guide : Dr Manorama srinath

It is inevitable for the library professionals to acquire a sound knowledge in computerised information management This fact has been evident from the increasing number of professionals enrolling themselves for participation in workshops and summer schools in library automation. In the above context this study has aimed to assess the prevailing condition in libraries in handling of information and the impact of automation on the functioning of the libraries. The thesis consists of five chapters and the first chapter provides introduction, lists the objectives and explains the need for the study etc. The second chapter provides literature survey based on which the hypothesis were drawn The third chapter describes the samples included in the study, operational definitions, method of data collection, pilot study and statistical tools used to analyse the data. The statistical analysis supplemented by the tables and graphs have been provided in the fourth chapter. Chapter five discusses the inferences drawn from the analysis and enumerates the findings The thesis ends with certain recommendations.