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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

Dr.Thulasi Kavitha Yadav
Thesis Title : Implementing ISO 9001 in university library ( Dec2003)
Guide : Dr Manorama Srinath

Most Library professionals have a misconception that implementation of ISO Standards provides a rigid procedures to be adopted uniformly by all the libraries. The concept behind the adaptation of ISO Standard is difficult. Most people think that TQM and ISO 9000 are alternatives for each other but actually ISO quality system is an essential feature of TQM. Hence, major aim of this research work is to explain in a very explicit manner the phases and the processes involved in Implementation of ISO 9001: 2000 standards and Certification. serves as an aid for enabling ISO 9001: 2000 certificates has been conceptualized and presented by the researcher in this thesis.

This ready to apply Model Design with step by step explanation of the phases and processes involved can be adopted by any University Library with minimum modifications to suit the requirements. To make this application Model more pragmatic, Tamilnadu Dr. MGR. Medical University Library has been chosen for conducting this research work.