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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

Thesis Title :Expert system for Indian Pharmaceutical drugs ( April 2003)
Guide : Dr Manorama Srinath

Medical diagnostic expert systems are popular in developed countries. But so far no Libraries in India have a attempted in design an expert system in pharmaceutical drugs. Research in designing an expert System in the field if Library and Information science is still in its stage . hence the researcher has decided in designing a expert system of drugs manufactured in India in various Brands(products) would be useful for various categories of users such as Physicians, Patients, Research scholars, and students in Pharmaceutical studies as well as for the Pharmacists.

The designed expert system consists of three phases. In the phase I knowledge base was created providing information regarding drug, product/brand, company and disease.

In the second phase user interaction tutorial interaction, system interaction part of the Expert system was designed.

In the third phase system evaluation process was designed.

The theses is available in digital format at the Madras University Library Chennai 600 005.