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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

A Ph.D Thesis by Manivanan.S
Thesis Title : Cyber cafes in Chennai: Their use and implications (December 2002)
Guide : Dr Manorama srinath

India is one of the few countries in the world to pass a legislation (Information technology Act 2000) which deals with legal recognition of electronic records and communication. The act attempts to introduce two separate manifestations of cyber violations such as ‘civil misfeasance’ and ‘criminal misfeasance’. Interpretation of the act is little complicated the act did not clearly differentiate civil from criminal violations. In general the cyber café owners were held responsible for the cyber crimes. This triggered curiosity to study the situation in cyber cafes in Chennai. (When this study was started in 2000 cyber cafes were becoming very popular due to the absence of Internet facility in many schools and colleges.) This study was based on a survey which aimed at determining the demographics factors of the cyber café users, their purpose of using internet, etc. Further the study probed into the extent of awareness of target user’s awareness of online courses, virtual library, e-commerce, e-governance and cyber law etc. Further the study also determined the search techniques used by the users and the success rate of information retrieval, as well as the economic factor of both the users and cyber cafe owners. The study has also included an opinion survey of the parents regarding the use of Internet by their siblings and highlighted the cyber café proprietor’s negligence in preventing the use of objectionable sites and cyber crimes. Finally the study suggested model regulations for cyber cafes to be established in Tamil nadu.