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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

A Ph.D thesis by Kannan.M
Thesis Title : Organizational climate in Libraries: A comparative study (three types of libraries namely public, university and special libraries) (June 2006)
Guide : Dr Manorama srinath

The present research work has drawn the variables from all the definitions and theories described in the previous pages. The variables selected have been grouped under three major categories namely variables of organization, variables of hygiene factors and motivators, and variables of job attitude and social recognition. As it has been indicated earlier, the organizational climate reveals the personality of each type of organization, which helps to understand the behaviour and performance of the employees. Though the major objective of all the three types of libraries selected for this study namely public, university and special libraries, is to provide information services, and to support the achievement of the objectives of their super systems, they envisage different personalities. The organizational climate of each type of library is different. Though all the three types of libraries perform similar activities such as collecting, organizing, preserving, and disseminating information, the external and internal variables are different, which are responsible for evolving different climate. Just like the ‘personality’ of each individual is different, the personality, which reflects the organizational climate of the three types of libraries, varies with each other. This research work has been carried out on the basis of this major assumption.