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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

Thesis Title :Marketing of Medical Information. (Submitted in April 2009)
Guide : Dr Manorama Srinath

The library professionals must adapt to new sophisticated methods and services for the development and sustainability of the libraries and as well as their own survival. This warrants generating tailor made, and need based information products in libraries. They should not only generate need-based-information products but they should also introduce new services through which they attract the users to the library. There is an immediate need for the libraries to make the users to recognize the significance of the library which could be achieved only by adapting effective marketing strategies. The researcher has tried to identify an information product for adopting marketing strategy. Most of the data bases are commercial ones which cannot be used for his research work. More over the researcher wanted to use an innovative information product rather than just designing traditional databases for the target group of users. He decided that an expert system may be more apt for marketing than databases. This work is based on a practical application, rather than a theoretical basis which actually adopted the marketing strategies to market a medical information product among the doctors. However he did not sell the product but registered the feed back and evaluated the feasibilities of marketing of information among the medical practitioners and successfully tested the hypotheses framed in the study. He has also provided certain guideline for marketing of information in libraries based on the findings and inferences of his study.