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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

Dr N.C Jayamani
Thesis Title : Resource sharing center for Medical libraries in Chennai: A model (Oct 2002)
Guide : Dr Manorama Srinath

“HEALTH IS WEALTH”. Health Services are one of the most predominant priority for any nation. Knowledge about health has gained significance which is based on the information available for the Medical Professionals. The information accessibility and availability has a direct impact on the service provided by the Medical Professionals. Due to the proliferation of knowledge, the publication of literature is increasing in an unmanageable way this phenomenon has made the Library Professionals to make a sincere attempt to provide the “Right information to the right user, at the right time in the right format” Virtual Libraries encourage collaborative efforts and helps to achieve the mission of the libraries. The escalation of cost of periodicals necessities the design of virtual resource sharing centres for medical colleges. A conceptual model of Virtual Library was designed