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Research Work of Student - Abstracts

A Ph.D Thesis by Bagavathi A
Thesis Title : Application of hypertext methodology for animal encyclopaedia for children. (1998)
Guide : Dr Manorama srinath

This work is a unique one since it has been carried when the concept of hypertext was not popular among library professionals. It was not introduced in Microsoft office at that time. The major objective of the research work to design hypertext system for animal encyclopaedia for children. The system consists of details of animals with their pictures. It was designed by writing program in FOXPRO. Fragments of texts are served as nodes which are connected associatively by links. After creating the system the user friendliness of the system was tested by allowing the children to browse it to find out what extent the objective of the study had been fulfilled. The observations of the evaluation were registered in the conclusion part of the thesis. The research work proved to be an effective teaching aid and reference manual for children. And the children were more enthusiastic in browsing the system rather than browsing the books to find out the information about animals. The self test programme in the system was very useful for testing their own knowledge about the animals.